Excursion in Pushkin

 Excursion in Pushkin mountains (2 days/1 night)


The Pushkin national park has united places which have been closely connected with a life and creativity of great Russian poet Alexander Sergeevicha Pushkin. Here, on the ancient Pskov earth, the poetic talent of the Russian poet has got stronger, its genius has blossomed.


You will see village: Mihajlovsky - memorial estate A.S.Pushkina, Trigorsky - memorial estate of its friends Osipovyh-Woolf, Petrovsky - an entail property Gannibalov, and also the Piously-Uspensky Svjatogorsky monastery of 16 centuries - a grave of the great poet.


On a trip tourists can visit the most ancient city of RussiaPskov, one of the oldest in Russia Pskovo-Pechersky the Piously-Uspensky orthodox man's monastery of 15 centuries.


In the excursion program: the Pskov Kremlin: Dovmontov a city, the Piously-Troitsk cathedral, Pogankiny of chamber, the Pskovo-Pechora monastery, Mihajlovsky, Trigorsky.


The round program:


1 day:


Departure of the bus from St.-Petersburg.


Arrival in Pskov.


Sightseeing tour, the Pskov Kremlin.


Moving of Pechora.


Excursion on Pskovo-Pecherskomu to the Uspensky monastery.


Arrival in Pushkin Mountains.


Placing on a camp site of "Pushkinogore".




2 day:




Excursion on Pushkin memorial estate: «Mihajlovsky – manor Gannibalov-Pushkinyh», «Trigorsky – manor of friends of the poet Osipovyh-Woolf».


Excursion in the Svjatogorsky monastery, visiting of a tomb of A.S.Pushkin.




Departure to St.-Petersburg.






The detailed information is given on demand