Day 1. Tula, the Clear Glade


Arrival in Tula. A breakfast. Excursion across the Tula Kremlin (Without small five centuries exists Tula kreml. Constructed in the beginning of XVI century, it long time gave reliable protection against attacks of nomads. The Kremlin is "a city in a city". In a fortress there lived almost all population, both military, and civil. Judging by pistsovym to books 1625 and 1685, in the end of a XVII-th century in Tula kremle was 107 court yard and 197 inhabitants. In territory of the Kremlin there are two cathedrals. The Uspensky cathedral in a Baroque taste is constructed in 1766. In 1855 - 1862 in memory of soldiers - tuljakov, victims in a Patriotic War of 1812, the Bogojavlensky cathedral is under construction. Now in the Bogojavlensky cathedral the State museum of the weapon) takes places.


Excursion on a weapon museum (Peter I Decree became the Beginning of gathering of samples of the weapon. In December, 1775 Catherine II has disposed to create Chamber of the rare and exemplary weapon on the Tula small-arms factory. Unlike the Hermitage, the Armory Museum and the Historical museum where the Tula weapon basically is presented by samples with art furnish, the Tula museum has meeting of the weapon from Petrovsky times up to now. The great value is represented by east weapon, providing guidance on an art direction of development of weapon manufacture in Turkey, Iran, to Japan. The important place occupies the West European fire-arms from Belgium, Germany, France, England, Italy. Traditions of the Tula skill have remained and increased today: modern samples of the highly artistic hunting weapon, operating tiny models of guns, rifles and revolvers) are very interesting. A dinner. Moving to the Clear Glade. Excursion on the Clear Glade. (Unique memorial and natural reserve. Here the old buildings surrounded with picturesque parks, gardens, woods are kept. Here still there live traditions of a family of Tolstoys. Walk on the Clear Glade will transfer you to the world of Russian manors of noble family 19 century). Departure to Tula. Placing in hotel. A supper.


Day 2. Spassky-lutovinovo, the Eagle.


Breakfast. Departure in Spassky-lutovinovo. Excursion on manor I.S. turgeneva "Spassky-lutovinovo" (Memorial estate I.S. turgeneva "Spassky-lutovinovo" – unique in Russia the memorial museum of the great Russian writer, which history totals almost hundred years. The destiny turgenevskoj manors after death of the writer developed dramaticheski. Books, portraits, manuscripts, family values and memorable relics have dispersed on successors. The become empty house of Turgeneva has been destroyed by a fire of 1906. Only thanks to foresight of new owners – Galahovyh, have beforehand been taken out and basically the ancient library and memorial things are kept. I.S.turgeneva's museum in Spassky-lutovinove is created on October, 22nd, 1922 in “News VTSIK” the information on manors of the classics declared by inviolable nature sanctuaries and culture is published. Among them – “a manor of writer Turgeneva Spassky-lutovinovo the Oryol province: There the wing where there lived the writer, and park ”remains. The museum was created under the protection of A.V.Lunacharsk and V.J.Bryusov. A.M.bitter, K.A.Fedin, I.A.Novikov's writers at various times took part in destiny of a museum Academy of sciences. In 1976 in Spassky-lutovinove I.S.turgeneva's house has been restored. Here original things are returned. Interiors) are revived. A dinner. Departure in the Eagle, the sightseeing tour beginning on the Eagle" a nest Of noble family ". (The Eagle - one of the largest centres of national culture of Russian people. Its literary traditions take the sources in national creativity for which the Oryol edge always was famous. Here were born to I.S.Turgenev and L.N.Andreev. In this city have spent the children's and youthful years N.S.Leskov and P.I.Jakushkin, lived I.A.Bunin, A.N.Apuhtin, M.A.Markovich (Marko Vovchok). In the Eagle at various times happened A.S.Pushkin, V.A.Zhukovsky, N.V.Gogol, G.I.Uspensky, V.G.Korolenko. Writers-orlovtsami are A.A.Fet, D.I.Pisarev, F.I.Tjutchev, M.M.Prishvin, I.A.Novikov. The passionate patriot of a native word, N.S.Leskov did not exaggerate, when said that the Eagle "... vspoil on the small waters so much Russian writers, them on advantage of the native land no other Russian city how many has put..." ). Excursion on N.S.Leskova's house museum. (In the house where have taken place a childhood of the writer, the literary-memorial exposition telling about a life and creativity of "the wizard of a word», the creator of the whole gallery of images of righteous persons and talents of Russian earth is developed. The exposition basis was made by N.S.Leskova's which has allowed for certain to recreate an interior of a literary office of the writer the original things. Exclusive interest and huge value is represented by library of the writer. Many books contain its marks). Excursion on I.S.turgeneva's museum. Sightseeing tour continuation on the Eagle.  (Muzej Turgeneva - the oldest museum of Russia. It has been based in November, 1918 in honour of the 100 anniversary from the date of a birth of the great writer. Obrazovannejshy the writer of time, the master of thoughts not one generation Turgenev has acquainted the Western world with Russia and its original culture. The person actively struggling with violence in all forms, contained "all questions, all griefs" the time, it became, on expression of the contemporary, "the finest hero in the history of the Russian literature". Its drama, lighted up by the love, opened Fine the life quite was expressed in the formula - "the Life for art"). Departure to Tula. A supper. Returning in hotel.



Day 3. Polenov, Tarusa, Melihovo


Breakfast. Departure in Polenovo. Excursion in Polenovo. (Today V.D.Polenova's State memorial istoriko-art and natural memorial estate is one of the largest memorial estates of the country and one of the most known in Russia and behind its limits. Its territory includes an original house museum, an art studio "Abbey", economic constructions, Troitsk church in with. Behovo, constructed under V.D.Polenova's projects, and as farmstead park, a garden surrounding territory of manor of a meadow, wood, agricultural grounds. The basic idea which defines a museum life today is a desire not to lose internal communication with spiritual and highly creative style of life polenovskoj families. Funds contain products of painting, a drawing, a sculpture, an applied art, V.D.Polenov's personal things and members of his family, original photos, interior and life subjects, library of the artist).  Moving to Tarusu. Excursion in M.Tsvetaeva's museum. (The Tarussky museum of a family of Tsvetaevas settles down in restored so-called "the House of To". The house has been bought in 1899 by M.Tsvetaeva's grandfather on A.D.Mejnom's parent line. After his death its second wife who juvenile Marina and Asya was nicknamed by "To" has lived in the house last 20 years of the life. In "the House of To" Marina and Anastas Tsvetaevas lived during winter arrivals in Tarusu in 1907-1910, and their father - the professor, the founder of the Museum of fine arts (nowadays GMII of A.S.Pushkina) I.V.Tsvetaev of veins in 1903-1912 Marina Tsvetaeva came to this house even in the summer of 1912 together with young husband Sergey Efron. The materials devoted are presented to museum expositions both Marina Tsvetaeva, and all her family taking a special place in domestic culture. Among memorial exhibits of a museum - furniture from the Moscow house in Trehprudnom a lane in which M.Tsvetaeva, the subjects belonging to it, its close and native, tarusskim to relatives and friends was born. Museum of a family of Tsvetaevas - a unique museum in Taruse where such quantity of the original things concerning not only to Tsvetaevas, but also to people who surrounded them is collected. This house conceals in itself weight interesting and fascinating, from it blows as a cosiness and heat, doors for visitors) here are always open. A dinner. Moving to Melihovo. Excursion in A.P.Chekhov's museum  (the State literary-memorial museum reserve And. P.Chekhov, one of the main museums of Russia devoted to a life and activity of the great writer. It includes the farmstead house, the wing which constructed by the writer in 1894 for placing of visitors and has become by a place of its literary work, a garden, a kitchen garden, a pond "Aquarium" on which coast Chekhov liked to sit with a fishing tackle, the bulk hill, a wing-kitchen with subjects of country use of XIX century In Melikhov is reflected Chekhov's activity as writer, the doctor, the public figure. The museum meeting in Melihovo totals more than 18 thousand exhibits. Here manuscripts, personal things of the writer, the book, a photo, furniture, graphic materials, pictures of artists — friends of the writer are stored: I.Levitan, V.Polenov, N.Chekhov and others.)  departure to Moscow. A supper. Excursion across Moscow. Departure to St.-Petersburg.