On a visit to Tchaikovsky


On a visit to Tchaikovsky – 3 days
1 day.   Arrival to St.-Petersburg. Bus excursion «St.-Petersburg – musical capital of Russia» with visiting of a museum of N.A.Roman – Korsakova (the unique composer museum, is located in apartment where the composer has spent last 15 years of a life. In apartment original interiors of 4 rooms of the composer) are kept. The Free time. A supper. Departure to Moscow.
2 day.    Arrival to the Wedge. A breakfast. Excursion in a memorial complex of the House museum of P.I.Chajkovskogo (the house in which there lived the composer with original conditions of rooms which remain from the date of the museum basis in 1894; memorial park with farmstead constructions; a farmstead wing with memorial conditions and an exhibition devoted to the composer, the favourite pupil P.I.Chajkovskogo S.I.Taneevu. In excursion enter also listening into records of products of P.I.Chajkovskogo in a concert hall to a muse). Moving to Moscow. Placing in hotel. A dinner. A sightseeing tour «Musical Moscow» with visiting State central «the Museum of musical culture» of M.I.Glinka (the exposition under the name «Three centuries of Russian music» narrates about the centuries-old way of Russian music embodied in manuscripts, documents, photos, musical instruments, memorial things). The Free time. Visiting of the Moscow state conservatory of P.I.Tchaikovsky. Returning in hotel.
3 day. A    breakfast. Excursion in the State istoriko-art and literary memorial estate "Abramtzevo" – the centre of Russian culture of the XIX-XX-th centuries. A dinner. Visiting of Pokrovsk Khotkovo of a monastery. Excursion in the Trinity-sergievu to laurels - "a Golden Ring" pearl. A supper. Departure.
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