Smolensk – New Spassky - Talashkino

 Smolensk – New Spassky - Talashkino






1 day: Departure from St.-Petersburg to Smolensk by train №315 at 16:42, from Vitebsk station.


2 day: 05:50 - arrival in Smolensk. A meeting with the representative "Art festival", landing in the bus. Moving to hotel which is in city centre. Placing in hotel in 2-4 local numbers.


07:30 - the Breakfast.


08:30 - departure for excursion in New Spassky. Visiting of a museum of M.Glinka.


14:30 – a dinner in cafe on a line. Returning to Smolensk roughly by 17:00. The Free time.


19:00 - a supper.


3 day: 08:30 - the Breakfast. 09:00 a sightseeing tour across Smolensk.


14:30 – the Dinner in cafe in city centre.


15:30 – the Free time in городе.19:30 - the Supper.


4 day: 08:30 - the Breakfast. Delivery of things in staff number. A free time.


13:30 - the Dinner in hotel


14:30 - Excursion in Talashkino. Survey of frescos of a brush of N.Reriha, decorating church in manor Tenishevoj. Visiting of a museum "Teremok". Returning to Smolensk on zh.d. Station by 17:00.


18:28 Departure to St.-Petersburg.


5 day: Arrival in SPb in the morning.