St.-Petersburg – Old Ladoga

 St.-Petersburg – Old Ladoga

 1 day - Arrival. Placing in hotel in historical city centre. A sightseeing tour «Brilliant St.-Petersburg» on a city with visiting of the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Kazan cathedral. A free time..

 2 day – the Breakfast. Excursion in the Isaakievsky cathedral. A free time.

 3 day – the Breakfast. Excursion to Old Ladoga. The old Ladoga istoriko-architectural and archaeological reserve is located in village Old Ladoga, in Leningrad region, in 120 km from Petersburg. It is the most ancient city in Roscii. For the first time Rjurikov is remembered 862 year in annals concerning calling to Russia three varjazhskih brothers. The settlement here existed and to 862 years. By results of researches and archeological excavations name time of the basis of a city - not later than 753 years. In the end of IX century the first stone walls are put up. Building connect with Prophetic Oleg's name, and one of the barrows located on high coast of Volkhov to the north from a fortress, believe a place of its burial. A free time.

 4 day – the Breakfast. Excursion in a cathedral Spasa-on-blood. A free time. Departure.4 деньЗавтрак.

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