Vocal and Choir competition in Tsarskoye Selo - Tsarskoselskiy
December, 8 - December, 10, 2017 Saint-Petersburg, Pushkin Founder and organizer: Company "ArtFestival". Partners: Parish of ascension (St. Sophia) Cathedral in Pushkin. St. Petersburg Diocese Of The Russian Orthodox Church. MRO "Finnish Evangelical Lutheran parish in Pushkin". Publishing house "Planet of music". Conditions of the Participation...
"ACADEMY" invites:
POSITION of the V International Competition and Festival instrumental and vocal art "ACADEMY" Location: St. Petersburg, Russia Date:30.03-03.04.2018 Founder: The company "ArtFestival". Organizer: «ArtFestival» Sector Youth Policy and Cooperation with NGOs Administration of the Petrograd district of St. Petersburg. Partners of the...
«Northern Bel Canto»
VIII International Choir Competition and Festival “Nothern Bel Canto”. June 09-11 June, 2018 THE SCHEDULE OF COMPETITIONS AND CONCERTS. 09 June 2018 Opening of the VI International festival-contest «Northern Bel Canto» (Sts. Paul &Peter Cathedral, 20-22, Nevsky pr.) 10 June 2018 The Competition. All choirs, all...
Russian winter in St. Petersburg!
We invite to visit world famous museums of St.-Petersburg and to admire in the present Russian winter. Details - in "Special offer" section


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